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Honey - a natural product rich in simple sugar directly assimilable, possessing the high energetic power and other important health - giving properties. The varieties of honey differ on consistence, color, taste and aroma. These distinctions depend not only on flowers where the bees collect nectar, but also on a climate, season, race of a bee. Our honey varieties are also classified by flower denomination. Honey containing identifiable pollen are distinguished in comliance with the predominant pollen. It is recommended to consume one table-spoon of honey every day instead of usual sugar.

ATS UKRAINE company is working in the area of industrial beekeeping. ATS UKRAINE has been exported the ukrainian honey to France, Italy and has the customers in the ukrainian market. Honey for export is homogenized by lots of 9,5 tons to facilitate the quality control. We offer the varieties of honey Ц polyflower, acacia, buckwheat, sunflower, linden packed in metal drums of 210 L for food stuff and in glass jars. The floral composition of our polyflower honey varies depending on the ukrainian regions; principally the polyflower honey contains the pollen of the following plants : sainfoin, mustard, thyme, reseda, burdock, sweet clover, rape, bluets, wild fruit flowering, heather.

Flower denomination - Polyflower honey /Ukraine/

Physico Ц chemical composition

Humidity - 18 % max

HMF - 10 mg/kg max

Diastase - 8 min

Free acidity - 50 ml/equi

Pesticides not detected

Colour < (50 mm Pfund)

Free from resudues antibiotics: Chloramphenicol, nitrofuran, tetracycline,streptomycine,sulfanilamide

Pollen analyses haracteristic for the defined floral and geographic denomination: Ukraine

Accompanying documents

  • veterinary/health certificate
  • sanitary certificate authorizing import of honey and apiary products to Europe
  • certificate of origine
  • packing list


Barrel of a new steel 210 l with internal coating for food products, in batches of 21 tonnes.
Packaging - a plastic and glass bottles of 100 grams or more.


Natural bee honey packed in glass jars.

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